The greatest gift is YOURSELF.  All of the things we do for others certainly increase our own energy flow and worth.  The stronger you are, the stronger our world will be.  The greater you are, the greater our world will be.  It all starts with you.  But, the question is “how?”

We can understand and appreciate how our own value leads to a better world.  But how do we do it?  Personal growth is a popular topic.  I love it.  But, one thing I am also certain about is that I never got the results that were advertised.  I mean, I had to be honest.  There was consistently a lot of hype and success stories.  Well, it just didn’t work for me.

A woman commented recently about local Meetup groups, “Most of the meetups I’ve attended have been focused on self-improvement, spiritual evolution and the like. However, I apparently haven’t attended the “right” ones because they left me feeling … unfulfilled.”  The first step is honesty.  You can see the logic in personal growth programs.  You understand it.  You get it.  But, where is the growth?

This is the section, the Greatest Gift, where the focus is on real personal growth.  Getting right to the solution, the answer is in inner energy flow.  Very rarely is the problem correctly identified.  If you don’t identify that there is a rock in your shoe, you will continue to limp and stumble.  The Greatest Gift is inner energy flow.  We just don’t see it.

The good news is that we can feel it.  Let’s begin there.  Excellent reading as an introduction to this material is my book.  This is where you start and the ‘exercises’ take practice.  You have a lifetime of reactions and responses to your world.  Take a breath, relax and begin with the book.

Over time, we’ll continue to post more good stuff on this page because this is the greatest gift – honesty within, internal love and inner energy flow.


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