What is Goodology?

Goodology is an exercise to increase happiness, power, health. It is a personal trek using honesty within yourself. “You” are the only one that knows the feelings within you. You can use the tools within Goodology to identify blocked areas of power inside and reconnect with your own power. The results leave a stronger you and add to a more peaceful world.

Goodology says that all of the energy in the world is good. Any perceived “negative” is only resistance to that good (felt inside). The pathway to more power is by increasing your goodness inside. You are not labeling anything outside of yourself, “good” or “bad”. You are adjusting the energy inside of yourself to a good energy (a higher frequency). The highest frequencies in our life are love, joy, peace, happiness, goodness and so on (an absence of fear).

Your thoughts originate somewhere. Simply “thinking” these positive thoughts is a beautiful thing, but won’t reach the depth that the Goodology path does. It is said that if you change your thoughts your life will change. Is that really true? Well, I don’t think it’s a guarantee, at best. There is a greater power running the show.

Your thoughts are like a fresh pair of underwear. If you put on a fresh pair of underwear and crap in them, you’ll have to change them again. Your thoughts originate somewhere. We need to find out where your thoughts originate. You can change your thoughts all day, but if you want real change you’ll have to locate the crap inside – at the source.

Where? Your thoughts come from a vibration within (fast or slow). The process of Goodology traces it back and adjusts that core of your energy inside of you. All of the energy is good – just may be vibrating at different frequencies (quickly or slowly).

The responses in your life will automatically mirror the level of vibration within yourself. If your inside is murky and crappy, then your outside world mirror that. If your inside is filled with beauty, love and freedom, then your automatic responses will be without limitation. There will be no resistance to beautiful things in your life.

Goodology looks to increase life (increase goodness) within. When this happens, your automatic response in life for beauty and harmony happens effortlessly.



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