What is Goodology About?

Someone smiles at you.  Do you notice that a smile generally makes you feel better?  What about if you smile at someone?  You feel better.  What happens to “make you feel better?”  Energy releases.  Your energy flow inside releases to a feeling of safety.  Something natural happens.

If someone is kind to you, your energy flows.  Kindness makes you feel better.  You feel safe.  When you smile, your energy is flowing.  When you feel love, you feel energy flow.  When you feel excitement your energy is flowing!  When you laugh, your energy is flowing.

Think of it this way.  “You” are flowing energy.  Yet, the flow of your energy is often paused for evaluation and safety.  When you determine that your outer world is safe, the energy flows beautifully.  Too often we “stop and evaluate” getting stuck in an energy pattern that does not serve you. 

This is my first book called, Goodology

You see this in anger, frustration, regret, guilt and other patters of energy flow.  So, reading Goodology is going to make some subtle distinctions about what really holds you back in your life.  Get a different perspective on personal development now.

Picture of Bernie

Experimenting with pictures to see how it looks.

Read Goodology Personal Development Through Good.

  • A PDF EBOOK is $7.99
  • Smashwords is $9.99
  • Kindle is $9.99
  • Paper Back Book is $17.95





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