The Beauty of Problems


Over the years, I have seen problems referred to as “issues” or “challenges”. Maybe, a reason for this is that the word, “problem,” could seem like a drag to people. “Problem” sounds negative.  Because of that problems can be avoided.

I am okay with bringing up negativity because this is power. I believe that we need to embrace the problems and everything that comes with it.  This is the direction that this book will continue to break down.

We want to love our problems (don’t avoid them). I wrote an essay called, “The Beauty of Problems” when I did work for a large internet gift company, which discussed the benefits of seeing problems as opportunities to improve company performance. I wrote the essay and put it in the “suggestion box” for the company. Someone liked it because they flew me to New York quickly after reading it. I felt that each phone call that detailed a problem was “opportunity” buzzing in on the customer service telephone line.

Most of the company’s orders were delivered on schedule, but a certain percentage of the of the orders have issues from a non-delivery to a quality issue or delivering the wrong product. The calls on the customer service line addressed these issues. Solutions implemented cost the company money. The company could redeliver a new product. They could offer the customer a refund. And to add a further expense, as a policy the company always offered a gift certificate as a credit on a future purchase for the inconvenience.

Why not avoid these expenses and increase company strength? You do this by identifying the cause of each problem and eliminating it. The customer service line was a golden way to keep more of the money that was earned. Each call that came into that line was giving you an opportunity to increase your bottom line, increase business strength and enhance customer perception. My vision was to have all of the calls processed and put into a sorting bin – a problem elimination bin. 

It was time to honestly address each problem. It worked. We left no room for excuses and no time for delays. We systematically eliminated one problem after the other. Problems are costly in business. We systematically eliminated the problems that caused bad deliveries. 

I am suggesting that we do the exact same thing with ourselves.

·         Anytime you feel anger, is an opportunity to increase your own power.

·         If you feel judgment, is an opportunity to increase your power.

·         Anytime you dislike something or someone, is an opportunity to increase your power.

·         If you think someone is stupid, then this is opportunity.

There is a long list of situations where you can increase your power by tracing your energy back. You begin with a filter that senses things that are not consistent with the normal flow. Our normal energy flow throughout our bodies is positive and good. Our highest energy state is joyousness and laughter. That is our highest vibration. Anything that is not consistent with this energy should be noticed and put into a bin. Let’s not worry about what to do with the problems now. All we want to do is notice them.

These are undesirable feelings and can be located in your body. Anger is not bad, it is opportunity. It is good. Anger is just your positive energy bottled up and resisted. Guilt is not bad, it is opportunity. It’s all good. Blame is not bad, it’s opportunity. It shows you where inside yourself you have limited power.

·         We need to understand and admit that the system is not running as well as it should.

·         We need to locate the problem and correctly identify the problem.

·         We need to understand the cause and become intimate with the problem.

·         We need to shine the light on the problem.

·         We need solutions that are born from the real problem.

Use Goodology as a filter to enhance your power. We want to love our problems, if we can locate them. Problems are good.




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