Strange but true

Did you know that the children of today are expected to have a shorter lifespan than their parents?

It’s difficult to understand how this could be true considering our technology,
experience and understanding of life.  It’s clear though, that our world is living in untruths.

So, we need to move quickly to act in ways that empower us and our world.
What’s more about the children of today is that their quality of life will be
full of discomfort and limitation.  We can change this.  We need to change this.

I have been studying the principles of internal power for many years.
I have written a book called Goodology – Personal Development Through Good.

The material connects subtly with our inner power and allows greater happiness in our lives. For the month of December all formats have special prices – as low as $4.99.

We spend that on a bag of potato chips.  We need to empower ourselves.  Click here.

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