Shootings in Tucson

Be the first to forgive. Reacting with the same energy that caused a problem continues to lay the same soil for the growth of the same problems. Let’s get out of the circle. Be the first to love. If you feel someone acted in ignorance, anger or hate, forgive them. By doing this you empower yourself. The person acting in ignorance and hate is only acting with the limited capacity of their fears. Send love. Send hope.Send support. Send intelligence if you feel that will help.

The shooting in Tucson is an act where we want to wrap our arms around the people of the city and support them. We are sad this happened. But, we need to be supportive. Support doesn’t come in the form of blame and punishment; it comes in the form of love, understanding and attention.

Yes, we need to understand the energy that drove the actions and be above that. It is this energy that drives political figures to argue. It is this energy that drives pundits to stir up the madness. Forgive. Take the edge off. Be the first to forgive. Live with in a higher energy. Set a good example. Act with compassion. Let go.

The nine year old girl, Christina Taylor Green, was full of life, beauty and direction. Gabby Giffords is beautiful, intelligent, caring and sweet. But, she would be just as beautiful, just as loving and just as caring if I did not know who she is. Christina’s life would have been beautiful without our help. I wish this didn’t happen, but it did. We have honestly recognize our own energy and forgive. Forgive the energy that drove a man to shoot.

Forgive. Release the anger. The event is over. The man will be punished.Angrily calling the man a “deranged monster” has an appearance of being on the right side. But, it’s negative energy. The shooter was reacting from his own negative energy and guided by information which he attached to. Let’s not add to it.

I am sorry for the others who died and the others who were injured. I am sorry that we hold onto fearful energy and feel we have to act on it. We all need to get rid of this energy and come together. It’s easy to point our flaws in some of our political and non-political leaders. It’s easy to point to someone carelessly putting crosshairs on a map as a target.

Forgive first. Be the first. Be stronger. Be above. A problem in our society is denial. Promoting guns and shooting for congressional support or to add to image can be a tactic. Admitting and owning up is a more beautiful energy than denial. We can forgive. It’s easy and beautiful. Recognize that if someone has a weakness our only response is in strength. Our strength is forgiveness. Empower yourself. Love.

Be responsible first. Be above board first. Offer people greatness. Give people love. Give people intelligence. Give people options. Give respect.Be the first to love. Be the first to support. These are the tools that make a society strong. Be strong and a positive example like Gabby Giffords. Christina was born on September 11, 2001. She died in a shooting in Tucson. Carry her positive energy forward. Move beyond that energy of hate. Raise your level. Care. Be the first to care. Be the first to love.



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