I like movies set in California or New York City. Watching movies is such an experience. They are so well done, you feel like you have visited these places. It’s great to absorb the feel of the movie. You might like a scene in the Bahamas in a movie or a scene in the countryside. I like a movie recently that began in Mexico, traveled through Texas and ended up in New Jersey.

I was able to get a feel for a moment of what it would be like to live in Mexico. I saw a brief perspective of the families, the houses, the land and the commerce. In a movie, you can absorb someone else’s perspective. We expand our awareness while being entertained. Books and self-development programs can be like watching movies. Many of the books that we read allow us to absorb perspective, expand us and be entertained. You might hear a speaker talk about how they spent three years in India meditating. Another author went to Harvard. Many authors have PHD after their name. Still other authors have experienced success in business, like a book by Donald Trump.

We are able to take in information and experience. We can learn things from those who have experienced. That will reduce our learning curve. Many years ago, I read a book called, “Swim with the Sharks Without Being Eaten Alive.” I was in my automotive distributorship business at the time. I remember picking up dozens of great business tips from the author Harvey Mackay. I had read many books but this one was the one that I liked the most at that time.

I worked long hours in my business. While many tips were useful, one piece of advice I specifically remember is that Harvey sent out thank you notes to his customers. I did the same thing with every one of my new customers and often communicated with other customers through the mail. Each customer noticed and appreciated that token of thoughtfulness. From that book, I expanded and learned.

In truth, that business of mine failed. It goes to show you that there are other powers at work. There are deeper powers. “That” is what I wanted to find. The perspective that I want to bring to you is simple. It comes from listening to my insides. Yes, I researched and read as much as most have. But the critical definitions come from looking inside and using my own filter to see if this really works and this really makes sense.

Did it work for me? Most self-help programs didn’t. For many years I wouldn’t admit it! That’s because all the testimonials were rave reviews. I felt embarrassed that I did not receive the results. There was either something wrong with me or the “problem” was not correctly identified. This was opportunity for me to dig more deeply inside of myself and pull out the core issue that needed resolving. I did.

The research is discovering the energy within yourself. The answer is in Goodology.



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