Ray of sunshine

I always say that, “all of the energy in the world is good. Any perceived “negative” is only resistance to that good energy. So, in Goodology, there is a process where you specifically locate that resisted energy within you and turn it into a positive flow. You can see good energy everywhere. Reinstall it inside of yourself.

My brother volunteered me as a coach for one of his baseball teams. He has scout teams which involve kids ages 12 to 18. All of these kids will go on to play college ball, many will play minor league ball and there could even be a major leaguer or two in there. They are talented and driven to excel.

Most of the time the kids are serious and focused on the game. They support the pitcher, the hitter and their teammates from the bench. My group was 13 and 14 years olds. At thirteen years old, you cannot be serious all the time. I really hadn’t seen Justin smile before. He was a catcher and always focused on the game.

We sat on the bench when the team was on defense and Justin was not in the game. He put a wet white towel under his hat. At 106 degrees in Phoenix, you can do things like that. And you should do things like that! He was looking to the left at his teammates with a white towel hanging under his hat below his ears. To them it just looked funny and he got some laughs. They got silly for a moment. When Justin turned to me, I saw him; his teeth were as white as the towel and his smile was as bright as the Phoenix sun.

For that moment, Justin’s smile was flowing energy through his body. It was pure energy. Look at that smile. He was glowing for a moment. There was “no” negative energy in his body. It was healthy. Be silly. Appreciate silly. Laugh. Appreciate laughter. Justin’s smile had nothing to do with a TV sitcom sex joke. It was nothing that would make him feel older or younger. It was pure energy and purely nice to see. “That” is healthy.

Notice incidents like this in your world. Locate any resisted energy within you and turn it to good.

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