This is hard to watch, but it these are situations which we need to embrace and give. I love the kids, Sam and Esther, in this video and I love the girl Jane in this video. I write about Jane's example of intelligence, love and beautiful spirit. Watch the one minute follow up video also.

Video of Sam, Esther and Jane

About a year later here is Jane, so sweet and beautiful. She looks healthy and happy.

Jane One Year Later

One of the reasons that I posted these videos is to illustrate a point, which is in Jane's energy. Jane didn’t complain. She did not regret. She did not blame her parents for not being there. She only showed energy flow, beauty and positivity. She is love. She is caring. She is unafraid. She is responsible. She is not feeding “negative” energy.

Jane didn’t wake up and prepare herself for a film crew coming in. She had no idea. She “only” loved, supported and “was” beauty. She lived her life with the beautiful energy that she is. She is the most beautiful girl in the world with her energy flowing.

We all have the same energy within us. Let us all reconnect and look up to Jane. Let us model the beauty of Jane. Let us model the strength of Jane. One year later after some generous donations, Sam and Esther were stabilized, well fed and their polio was being taken care of. Jane is in school learning, but now smiling with an amazingly sweet smile and happiness.

Underneath, we all have this energy. We need to connect with it. Religions argue "specific points" and interpretations of this beautiful energy (Spirit, God, Universe, Source or whatever you call it). A lot of damage has been done by bickering about interpretations of something beautiful.

Our first step is to locate our own energy within. Even if you are watching the cable news shows and their energy is angry and non-problem solving, locate your own energy. Jane provides solutions without ego. Become powerful yourself. Connect with your own beauty – no excuses, no blame, no regret – just like Jane.



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