Positive flow

It takes a lot of our own effort to suppress the flow of our energy! It takes massive effort. We will gain more of our own internal power when we learn to stop resisting the flow. We have to learn how to stop pushing it back and get into positive flow of energy. We believe that negative energy exists but we are the ones that create it through our own resistance.

Examples of positive energy flow are all over. There was a girl of about seven years old who came into my store. She immediately looked on the floor for change for some reason. She didn’t find any change on the floor. I said to her, “you know if you look in this candy section a lot of times the customers drop their change right in it! And if you look maybe you can find some.” She got excited and looked. She went through the Twix bars, the Mounds and the Almond Joys. Her Dad was over in the coffee section and she looked at him. While she turned away, I sprinkled .65 in different boxes.

She turned back around and kept looking in the boxes. Her eyes lit up when she found a dime! Then she found a quarter. She smiled so brightly and looked at me. That is beautiful excitement and those are feelings that feel good. This is good energy. It is energy flow. Excitement is good energy flow. There is no hidden meaning. Just look at the energy flow though the excitement. There is no blame. There is no anger. There is happiness and positive energy flow.

Good energy is a flow and can be a rush. “It’s right there.” Let’s grab it! All of us can creatively bring it out in other people too. The more we do that, the more powerful our planet will be. This is where synergism happens. The flow is happiness, health, intelligence and well being. The process to trace back and locate negative energy is something which we learn in Goodology.

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