Policeman Throws Football with Lonely Kid

Cop Throws Ball with Teenager near Houston

Cop Throws Ball with Teenager near Houston

You can approach the world as if young people are looking for mischief or you can support, connect with and embrace their positive energy in action.

Encouraging positive action is a good thing. Sure, all over the world people are performing kind acts. This police officer near Houston, TX saw a young boy outside by himself tossing a football. So, the cop stopped to share a few throws with him. People saw the video after the Rosenberg Police Department posted a dash cam video on their Facebook page.

This is so much better than just a drive by. The cop’s name is Ariel Soltura who said, “It’s important because we all live in this world together. We all make an impact in this world and I think that it’s important that we all put in our little bit and make it a better place.” He continued, “If we see that kid kicking a can, they want us to go out there and replace it with a ball.”




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