A guy built a new house overlooking a river. His back yard and view of the river was nice. His only complaint was that on the other side of the river you could see the trailer park. In his view, the trailer park was disgusting. It ruined his view. He grumbled even though it was he that decided to build the house there. And, in truth, it is the guy’s perception of the trailer park is disgusting. That is a view that he created.

You perceive your world. It’s not real. It’s your perception. Two people’s perceptions of the same event could be different. Our world is a mirror of what is going on inside of us. Our perception determines what something is. The trailer park is beautiful. At the very least, the trailer park is what it is. But, the people in the trailer park are beautiful. At the very least they are people trying to survive. It is your perception that may not be.

I like the trailer park. I have a lot of friends in the trailer park. I see kids playing. I see trees. I see a lot of pets. I see water. It is true that many people in the trailer park tend to feed their needs. But, they are all beautiful at heart for sure. Whichever way you perceive it is “good” just notice the energy inside. That is where your own sludge begins.

If you see negativity, then you are bringing up slow moving energy within and labeling it that way. Be honest. It is honesty within that will free you and make you stronger. Picture something that is distasteful to you something disgusting. How does that make you feel? It is your feeling that makes you react the way that you do. Think about it if that feeling was not there. Then certain disgusting images would repulse you less and, at the very least, trailer parks would be beautiful to purchase the book.



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