Happy Cows Jumping for Joy

Cows Jumping for Joy

Cows Jumping for Joy

I saw this video the other day. It stuck in my mind that the happy cows jumping for joy felt that way when released to the outside. I couldn’t forget it. The cows were LOVING the grass and rolling their heads in it.

It would appear that springtime and living in their natural habitat does wonders for a cow’s emotional state!

Growing up in the country, we saw cows almost every day. Neighbors had cows. We would see farms while driving in the car. When we played at our friend’s house (Tammy and Tracy O’s house), there was a big pasture behind it. Cows mooing was a part of growing up.

But cows stood still and did little. They grazed and were most off all, very gentle.  It stuck me what a peaceful creature this animal is. Cows are harmless and beautiful. In all the years of seeing cows in the pasture, I never saw this. I am thankful that I saw this video again and thankful for their joy.



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