Goodology Credo

Goodology® is a study of energy. That is what it boils down to. All of the energy in the world is good. Any perceived “negative” energy comes from resistance to that good. Further, it boils down to “your” energy. All of your energy is good. Any perceived “negative” energy comes from your internal resistance to that good.

It is this point of resistance where our issues begin. Our lives and world are a reaction to that resistance. Locating, knowing and being intimate with that point of resistance is the beginning of our strength. That is the beginning of shifting the things that happen automatically in our lives.

Where is that energy? What is that energy? We need to locate this mass of energy inside of our body. It is slow energy that is limiting our connection with infinite power. We hold onto this energy for safety and become a reaction to our fears. Our lives become about feeding into our fears. We feed into a “negative” energy. The “good” energy has slowed down and appears negative. By feeding it we slow it down more and get more of the same in our lives.





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