Energy flow to Perception

I once saw a toddler just beginning to walk. She was playing and practicing holding on to a chair at the airport. Mom was free for a moment to look and admire. I sat there and appreciated the energy flow of a mother who loved her baby.

Seek out opportunities to observe moments of free and beautiful flow, and just isolate that feeling for a moment. The baby wobbles. The baby may fall on her butt. Mom loves and smiles. She is lost in that feeling, just as it’s an adventure for the baby lost in her own exploration of the world.

It’s cool to watch the baby wobble, experiment, and fall. In this moment, Mom’s mind is on nothing else. Isolate the flow toward the baby. Take away the mom’s hair, skin and bones, and what do you have?

You have pure love flowing. The core of the energy within all of us is the same. It is glowingly positive. We match.

I continued and watched the mother smile at her child. She loves her baby. It bubbles within her. Look at the hope she has for the future of the baby. It is inspiring. It gives her strength because she loves her family and through that love, creates power to give and influence. She laughs. She gets something that she deserves. She enjoys that feeling. Sit with that for a moment.

Take away everything including finances, housing, and even feeding. Just look at the love of the child. It is easier to see where our power comes from when we think about something like prejudice at this point. This woman looking at her baby is an African American. Her energy and her hope are exactly the same as an Asian woman’s or a Caucasian woman’s or any other woman’s in the world. It’s beautiful.

She is made up of energy, hope, and love. We all are. She is made up of the same energy that you are . If you perceive any differences between you and her and anyone else, that is created from energy fluctuations within you. Labels are made from that too.

We all flow with the same energy. It is beauty, and every one of us shares it. So if we want to know where prejudice comes from, it is created through our own lenses, from a slight slowing of our beautiful flow of energy.

For a while every day, focus on the energy. Let it flow. Let it be happy. Let it be positive. Send love toward another person. Begin deep within yourself. You have the same beauty within you as any other human being.

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