Effective Communication

While the content here is in personal development and improvement, I prefer not to use buzz words from that arena. The reason for that is everyone maintains a slightly different definition of these words. It is difficult to deliver the value intended if many of the listeners and readers have different interpretations of words. I can ask one hundred people to define the word, “ego” and I will get varied responses. The same is true if I asked a group to define “fear”, “growth” or even “love”.

If we all try to have a discussion using different definitions, then understanding our conversation may be like speaking different languages. Everyone will perceive different meaning from the same conversation. People will begin to gloss over. I need to make sense to your deepest intelligence and truest part of your being so that our foundation can be strong.

It’s true that we are all different. And, we have different perceptions (yes, our view of the same conversation is going to be different because we have different perception). But that makes it more important to uses labels words that translate consistently and accurately to all of us.And we need to use words that permeate deeply through us. Then we can build. We can build a solid structure.

I also prefer (for the most part) not to use buzz words from the spiritual and metaphysical world. The types of words to which I am referring are frequency, vibration, Universe, law of attraction, now moment, mindfulness etc. If you are familiar with these words, good. If you are not, good. These words are often used so that everyone has a “definition” in their mind or their definition may have an association with an author who wrote them or speaker that spoke them. At the same time each person’s definition is a bit different. In all of those cases, the definition is made up of labels in their head.

Transformation is much deeper than intellect. If we are going to make change in our lives, then it has to be deeper than stimulating our brain. It has to be deeper than in one ear and out the other. A person’s mind glosses over these buzz words and says, “yeah I remember that from this book or that book.” We can all have the knowledge of these books in our head, but we need to get deep inside of ourselves if we are going to have impact. 

We need to locate the energy within us that is causing the problem.  Sometimes people use these words because it makes them feel like a more evolved person. What are they doing?  They are feeding an energy inside.  They think that they will be viewed differently in another person’s eyes. They may think they are “hip” because they say, “it’s the universe tapping you on your shoulder.” Dude!  This will affect the footprint that they leave. 

The solutions are tightly bound between your head and your tailbone. If you can navigate that space then you can recapture vast amounts of unused power. If you can stick your finger out and touch your nose, then you have the motor skills needed to transform. Something like The Law of Attraction is a valid and an absolute spiritual law. But knowledge in your head does nothing to increase the attraction. Does that make sense? The power is deeper.




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