Don’t Fear Honesty!

We’re not perfect. We have issues! Those issues can be opportunities for growth for sure. When you honestly recognize feelings or disturbances within you, you have connected with gold. Here just a few examples of opportunity: 

  • Anytime you dislike something 
  • Anytime you feel disrespected 
  • Anytime you feel annoyed 
  • Anytime you think you cannot do something 

These thoughts don’t just appear out of the air. They originate from your energy within. These are opportunities to reconnect with your power source and free it. You can also notice with statements like: 

  • She rubs me the wrong way 
  • It burns me up 
  • It makes me sick 
  • He makes my skin crawl 

These thoughts also originate from feelings inside. The Goodology plan is to locate these feelings and turn them into positive flowing energy. It’s all good! Even the worst part of you is good. We just need to recognize it. Understanding these concepts intellectually has little transformative effect because the source of the problem is deeper than that. Of course, if you want some good stuff to talk about at a cocktail party then it’s good intellectual material to work with. 

But when you correctly identify the underlying cause of a problem, you are in the right direction in solving the problem. When you increase your positive energy and compassion, you send out a message connecting on that plane with other people. You unconsciously increase your happiness and power of attraction. 

It doesn’t happen just through “thinking” good thoughts. You have to identify and notice that a problem exists by noticing resistance within you. You specifically and systematically notice and that is the doorway to empower yourself.



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