Book project infusion of happiness

One of the book projects I am working on yields an infusion of happiness through sharing hundreds of positive acts – with a twist.

My thought was to write something with many “acts” that supposedly make you feel better.  I have broken it down into categories like things you can do at work to make you happier, things you can do with family and relationships and food, for example.  I’ll offer over one hundred “things you can do” to increase happiness.

Many of these to do’s I have simply gathered online, from my notes and other readily available places.  Here are a few:

  1. Live in the now moment
  2. Read something inspirational
  3. Doodle
  4. Just smile

There’s got to be a twist.  The reason?  All of these acts are out there and available.  Then why is there so much anger in the world.  Yeah, my original intention was to write something refreshing that I could offer for free.  But, knowing me, I have to try to make it better and better.  I want to have the MOST impact.  The issue above is that you can “do” something like take a bubble bath, yet your life is still the same.   People read something inspirational then go out in traffic and give someone the finger.  You can ‘just smile’ and then get angry poor service in the store.

You see?  Here is another one.  Giving.  I love giving and helping others.  I am thankful that good things have happened in my life.  People give for different reasons.  When giving and/or volunteering has the most impact, you realize that giving is energy flow.  It’s allowing detachment.  It is compassion.  It’s allowing yourself to let go and care.  This is flow.  Early in the book, I establish that the greatest power is in energy flow.  Thus, realizing you don’t have to hold onto everything but can give freely without lack.

A lot of times people and writers think that a few bullet points will help.  But they are just words.  The essentially (honestly) go in one ear and out the other.  So, it’s not for the benefit of the reader.  It benefits the writer – to whatever degree.  Suffice it to say, throughout the whole book, I will break down each good act and show how it increases energy flow.  This is where the real personal growth is.

You can actually read the introduction to my book here.  Whether personal growth realizes it or not, our lives are made up in labeling our own energy flow.  If our energy is sludgy and hazy, our labels and judgments will manifest accordingly.  If our energy is flowing freely and happily, then our actions and labels will be different.  So, if you say, “live in the now moment” not much transformation or growth is going to happen unless you really understand and love what, “living in the now moment” really is.