Bernie Fallon author of Goodology Personal Growth Through Good

Bernie Fallon author of Goodology Personal Growth Through Good

Why do anything else?  Why do anything other than to spread good into the world?  Bernie Fallon asked, why not excel at giving and goodness?

“Bernie Fallon sold a successful grocery store in 2010.  What’s next?  Relax?  No.  He immediately wrote and published a book.  Finished within 7 months, Goodology® Personal Growth Through Good came from his desire to do GOOD. Simple. Right? Well, preparation for the book was no walk in the park.  There were challenges, addictions, a horrific car crash and pains that led to the material. It began over twenty years ago with an intense and honest search for one word – good. That, before keyword searches were in vogue.

  1. Personal Health – At the age of 26, his original plan was to teach truthful personal nutrition habits to people.  But he found that people are guided by something deeper than diet, food and information.
  2. Environmental Health – So, he studied environmental health in the ‘90’s.  But a logical argument to shift life’s behaviors didn’t have that deep drive.  The answer was deeper. What was it?
  3. Spiritual Health – Ah ha!  The answer must be in spiritual health.  Yes, it’s a wonderful world of information and truths.  But there is arguing and wars over beliefs.

His honest answer was found in a deep force that guides our life.  It’s inside of us.  It’s the greatest currency.  What is it?  The answer is energy.  The answer is Goodology®.  All the energy in the world is good, any perceived negative originates in resistance to that good.”

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