Be thankful

Throughout the day in my business I am asked, “how are you?” dozens of times! I answer in one word, “Great.” How bad can it be? It’s a beautiful day. I am thankful for so much. We are fortunate to have all that we have.

Instead of saying, “how are you?” to someone else, I start the conversation with, “it’s a beautiful day.” I do it all day, every day in my store. It’s raining outside and cold, when someone says, “how are you?” I answer, “on a day like today, how could I complain?” I remember many times just walking outside in the rain thinking, ‘ah this is nice. It’s a beautiful day.”

I’m not talking about the weather, always either. On a sunny day, I say, “it’s a beautiful day!” and the person replies, “yeah it’s pretty nice out there.” I’m not talking about “out there.” More, I am talking about “in there.” It’s beautiful inside you. Feel it. The more you feel it, the more you will express it.

I was surprised to see how many people commented negatively on 2009. As bad as things are, they are still pretty good. The more you focus on the good, the more you will manifest the good. We are so fortunate to have what we have.

Each year one in 50 kids experiences homelessness.



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