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Positive affirmations can be useful because they synergistically connect with what you are at your core. They match truths. Before affirmations or any other tool can help us, however, we need to look at the entire set up. There is a mass of energy that exists without being touched. So, if a positive affirmation coincidently touches it, it may have effect. But, as long as the mass of energy goes untouched, there is little effect.

Listen to the following statement: “I am stupid.” What do self-help books tell us about this statement? Typically they tell us that this is a negative affirmation. Common reasoning tells us not to say such things, because it sends a message to your subconscious that you are stupid.

No, you’re not, but you already knew that deep down inside.

The common reasoning sounds pretty good. In fact, you may dazzle a listener if you utter that statement with conviction. Let me rephrase the statement. Don’t say that you’re stupid because you are sending a message to your subconscious that you are stupid. But what if I tell you that your subconscious is unaffected by the utterance of “I’m stupid?” What if I tell you that you are virtually unfazed by this, and that you will go unchanged by any comments that you make?

It’s true, you know. Your utterances actually have little power to impact your massively powerful subconscious.

Granted, you might aggravate or agitate the energy within. You might say, “I’m so stupid,” and your energy within might get a little stirred up. It might get a little bit riled. This can maybe even inspire a “bad feeling” inside you, but that bad feeling was already there. As we will learn, it is you that packages the message and sends it to your insides to inspire that bad feeling. You are in control of the process, you control the mechanics and you control the operating system.

It is not the statement that makes you feel bad, but the fact that you stir up your energy by expressing it. Soon enough, your energy will settle right back in to where it was. So, while you aggravate it and it feels uncomfortable for a time, nothing really happens. Nothing changes.

Think about it this way. You are constantly reading the energy within your body. Your energy might be sludgy, stale, and uncomfortable. If you were to say and genuinely feel, “I am stupid,” this is nothing more than the label you use to define your energy.

You are defining your energy virtually every moment of your life. You see and feel slowly moving energy, and you label it. Your energy didn’t start out with labels or meanings, it was just flowing. Over time, you feel it, you define it, you label it. You evaluate it. Despite those labels, it is still just your energy and it is still simply flowing. The question is, how is it flowing?

When you read your energy, you don’t see words. You see only energy. At any given moment, you might observe slow energy versus quick energy, or powerful energy versus non-powerful energy. When you read your own energy, do you think you might see any of these?

  • Connected energy versus non-connected energy.
  • Flowing energy versus compressed energy.
  • Painful energy versus non-painful energy.
  • Sludgy energy versus non-sludgy energy.
  • Hazy energy versus non-hazy energy.

In whatever way you see your own energy, you read it and then you attach a label.

Sometimes I hear people say, “My Dad used to tell me that I I was stupid, so, that’s why I say it.” This certainly does happen, and, you can use affirmations, visualizations and any number of other techniques to try to change the label. Still, the energy and compression pattern that you have stays there, deep inside. It is a sludgy energy and it is an environment that will continue to drive lethargic behavior. Your labels and reactions will remain consistent with sludgy energy until you find a way to change the energy.

If your energy was flowing freely, positively, joyously and with excitement, then what types of labels do you think you would attach?

These new labels might say, “I can” or “I want to” or “I would be delighted to.” You would say, “Yes!” and you would mean it. This would happen effortlessly and without interruption.

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