Piers Morgan (piersmorgan) on Twitter

Watching the gun violence discussion on Piers Morgan for the last two nights, I would like to suggest that anger versus anger equals frustration with no results.  The price is too great.  Anger can be good fuel to alert you, but we are well beyond that.  Anger is not going to serve us.  We need to be civilized and break down walls to come together and find solutions.  We need to step back and say, “how can I help?”  And, “how can I be supportive?”

Early on, I was flabbergasted that anyone from either side would deny anything at all that could help the cause (that there are even ‘sides’ is not fair to the kids and our future solutions).  Take a breath, remember that the price is too great.  Remember this.  Anger is a subset of fear.  So it follows that both Piers and his guests were reacting from their own fears (yet each has different labels and ideas attached to that fear energy).

Whether you realize it or not, the energy of fear is the same in each person.  It just manifests in different ways cognitively.  People have different reactions, solutions and labels.  But their energy is the same.  So, Piers and his guests are the same, just different views.  They both love.  The both care.  We  all love.  We all care.  We all have fear.

We need to understand each other.  In understanding, we release those fears.  We begin compassion.  Take the time to do that.  The price is too great.  Everyone is looking for a solution.  They want it now in this moment.  They are passionate, which means they care – about something.  We need to understand what each side cares about.  The price is too great.

Are you sensing a pattern here?  Yes.  Solutions can happen but they can take time.  It takes releasing.  It takes opening up – not lashing out.  Twitteresque responses propelled by anger from either side don’t bring us closer.  Those jabs serve to distance us.  More depth is required.  Some of solutions will work, some won’t.  But we have to try – something, anything – together.

Understand that we have to understand.  There is a logical order – the price is too great.  It’s starts with understanding.  I won’t get into the specific arguments of each side, because those are just labels attached to fear energy.  We’ll get to that.  We need to first agree to listen and come together.  Sometimes I look at CNN’s graphics that say, “Newtown, we remember.”  I think to myself, “of course we remember!”  But, with Piers and the other side arguing like this, do we really remember?  Ugh.  Tears.  Are we doing our best to find solutions?  Now and today.  Imagine Christmas presents purchased yet they won’t be opened.  Their most precious gifts are not there.  Ugh.

I’ll do anything.  I’ll give up anything.  I will listen to your whole discussion and view.  Then you can listen to mine.  We’ll come up with a solution.  We’ll do it because we care.   The price is too great.

(1) Piers Morgan (piersmorgan) on Twitter.